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Why Sponsor a Horse

Over the years some animals have inevitably become permanent residents of The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. By sponsoring one of the horses in our care, you will not only be allowing your chosen animals to live a comfortable and happy life, but where possible, they can be useful running errands for the charity or providing therapy for the disabled.

How Much Does It Cost?

The sponsorship fee is 3 per month and you will receive a Sponsor Certificate, details of the horse you decide to sponsor, a picture and updates throughout the year (sent at Valentine’s Day, during the Summer and at Christmas) on the horse's progress. Subject to minimum 12 months sponsorship.

Sole Animal Sponsorship - If you would like to be a Sole Animal Sponsor, the fee is 40 per month. With this sponsorship choice, the chosen animal will be solely sponsored by yourself and not shared with anyone else. This Sponsorship is available on a “first come, first served” basis, so please contact the GHDT Office to discuss availability.

How Do I Sponsor?

To sponsor a horse please download the Horse and Donkey Sponsorship Form **in PDF Download the Horse and Donkey Sponsorship form in pdf format

Simply print it off and fill in your details. Don't forget to indicate which animal you would like to sponsor and also whether you would like to receive information and updates about your chosen animal by post or via email. By choosing to receive updates by email you will help us to reduce the amount of paper we are using and you will also help us to keep our administration costs to a minimum, meaning that more money is available for helping the animals in our care.

Please send the completed form back to:

Sponsor Administrator,
Brewery Arms Cottage
Stane Street
01306 627568

Email: GHDT Office

Can I Arrange a Gift Sponsorship?

Yes, if you are sponsoring an animal as a gift for someone else, please indicate this on the Animal Sponsorship Form and ensure that you have given us the recipients full contact details. The cost is 36 per year and the fee must be paid in full before the gift can be issued.

If you have any questions or queries about sponsoring a horse, please contact:

Sponsor Administrator,
Brewery Arms Cottage
Stane Street
01306 627568

Email: GHDT Office

ONLINE SPONSORING: If you would like to pay online for your sponsor animal by debit or credit card, please download our Horse/Donkey Sponsorship Form **in PDF Download the Dog Sponsorship form in pdf format

Simply print it off and fill in your details. Please use the Red 'Donate' button below to make your payment and then email or post your completed Horse and Donkey Sponsorship Form to the GHDT Office, ensuring that you have indicated you have already paid online.


If you are donating on behalf of someone else, please provide their name, postal details and the occasion e.g. birthday, anniversary etc, so that we can send the appropriate sponsorship certificate.

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Peter PETER - Peter was a beach horse, who could no longer earn his keep. His health deteriorated. A tourist purchased him but it was impossible to give him the care he required from overseas and he deteriorated further.

We were overwhelmed with requests from concerned people to step in.

He was signed over to us for rehabilitation.



CHINOOK - Chinook belonged to someone who left the country permanently and was in very poor condition.

He was brought to us along with some other animals in need of care



SCOUT - Scout was born at the GHDT to a horse whose owner asked us to care for her for a couple of months, but then never claimed her back.

Sadly, the mare died when he was 9 months old.



XAVI - Xavi came to us as an orphan foal and it took lots of tender loving care to raise him. We normally raise them until they are able to go home and no longer need milk and extra feeds.

When Xavi was 9 months old a man appeared one day and told us he had purchased the gangly foal unseen and was going to work him on his farm starting next week! We tried to persuade them otherwise but the man could not be persuaded to change his mind. Eventually we came to an arrangement where a mature horse who was used to farming was found to help the farmer and Xavi became part of the GHDT family.

He is now being brought on slowly by Emily and Renske and is loving having something to do.



GIBBY - Gibby has been owned by the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust for a number of years. Gibby was loaned out to a Gambian family who lived in a very remote area of the country, and required a horse to do the work on their farm. He has not only worked hard as a farm horse, ploughing the fields and sowing seeds, but he has also been invaluable as a form of transport for the family. Living in a remote area of Gambia can be difficult in many ways, and Gibby's help was invaluable. The family were able to take their farm produce to markets further afield, and also to provide essential transport to their friends and family when they needed to get to the hospital.

Gibby has spent a number of years working very hard for the family who took care of him, but he is now reaching a mature age for a Gambian horse, and the family felt that they were no longer able to provide him with the care that he would require in his older years. Knowing that Gibby had helped their family so much, they felt it would be kindest for Gibby to spend the rest of his days at our centre, where he can retire gracefully with round the clock care from our team of staff.

Gibby is a placid, easy going, wise old man of our centre. Gibby is a contented fellow and gentle with others even though he is a stallion.

He is given the freedom of the yard and enjoys playing with Bullett. He certainly seems to be enjoying his retirement at the GHDT centre.



BULLET - Bullet was brought to the GHDT with a hole in his head which had broken the bone so that his sinus was open. We had to somehow try and close it as the dusty atmosphere would enter the hole and cause endless infections and pain for him.

Successive vets tried their very best for him but we could not get the last little bit closed up and stitches would not hold well as there was no bone below it. Time, Mother Nature and persistence on the part of our volunteer vets and staff paid off and it is now completely closed.
However, we had another problem, Bullet became hyper sensitive and refused to be caught or handled after all the trauma he had been through.

The staff went out of their way to deal with him sympathetically so he could try and go home with no risk of retribution for his "bad behaviour". The plan was working well and Bullet started to become a calm and well-behaved boy again but his owner had lost his nerve with him after the accident and could not handle him. He continues to have behavioral problems with people he does not know or trust so he has remained with GHDT.



TALLAH - Tallah was brought to our centre with a very badly broken leg in 2003. His owners refused to euthanise him so we did what we could to repair the fracture which healed well. Unfortunately we were not able to put him into slings and the constant pressure on his good leg caused it to bow. This has not deterred Tallah from leading a full and active life, being ridden and also being used for ploughing. He has an aversion to walking in puddles so his furrows were never straight as he avoided any puddles in this path!

He is an old man now and is thought to be about 20 years old. He has now developed a bit of arthritis but is being closely monitored. He can still fly around his paddock when turned out.



WASSADU - There have been some problems in Southern Senegal and rebels have been putting down land mines on their side of the border. Somehow one managed to get across onto the Gambian side of the border. It may have been carried by water during the rainy season or the man may have inadvertently crossed the border, no one is quite sure how it happened, but a man who was out collecting firewood with his two young sons and his horse and cart, became the innocent victims of this tragedy. All three were killed.

A concerned Gambian messaged us about the horse who had stood there with the bodies of his dead family in 45 degree heat for over 30 hours. (People were afraid to approach in case there were other land mines.) We immediately sent a team out and he was collected and bought to the Derek Knottenbelt Veterinary Hospital. We have called him Wassadu Jatto, (Wassadu is where he came from and Jatto means brave or Lion). He is the kindest and gentlest of horses and always greets his friends. Recently he has changed his career path and has become Training Horse in Chief at our Makasutu Training Centre. Wassadu's family have decided that they would be unable to give him the care that he needs without his master and that he would be better off staying with us so we have purchased him and he officially became the property of The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust.

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