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May 23rd, 2020 - We received a call late one night to say that a horse had been badly injured in a land mine explosion. His owner had gone out with his two sons to collect firewood taking Wassadu in his cart. At one point the horse stopped and was unwilling to go forward but his owner urged him on. The wheel of the cart went over the landmine and the blast killed his owner and his two sons and badly injured Wassadu. It took sometime before they were able to remove the bodies as people thought it might be a mine field but Wassadu, despite his severe injuries and the intense heat, remained beside his owners body for many hours.

We went out immediately we heard of his plight and brought him straight back to Makasutu where work began on the healing process. Wassadu healed well but still has pieces of shrapnel in him which give him problems from time to time. With her husband and sons dead, the widow had no one to care for the horse, so he was purchased by the GHDT.



May 23rd, 2020 - Bullet is a highly strung horse and he had been taken out with his cart to a political rally. The crowds and shouting panicked him and he bolted, crashing into a metal bar which cracked the front of his skull open leaving a big hole into his sinus.

Treating him was not easy as he was so nervous but with great expertise from our staff and two volunteer vets we eventually managed to get it to heal over. The ownner was delighted but was clearly now terrified for the horse and said he would sell him and advise people to tie him by three legs to make him easier to handle. After the time and effort that had been put into his physical and mental welfare, we felt this would not be the best option for him so he was purchased by the Trust.




May 23rd, 2020 - This is Peter who is now one of our horses. He was rescued from working as a beach horse by a tourist who paid for someone to care for him. She was very distressed when she found he was not improving.

Another visitor then found him in very poor condition and asked the GHDT to take him in.

He has made a good recovery and is enjoying his retirement.


May 23rd, 2020 - Xavi came to us as an orphan foal and was hand reared. He should have gone home to his owner but it was discovered that his owner had sold him to someone who thought that at 9 months old he was ready to do a season's ploughing.

After the effort that had gone into raising him, which included night feeds, we could not let this happen, so he was purchased by the Trust.

He is undergoing training at the moment.


May 23rd, 2020 - A couple of years ago someone had to leave the country and left his rather large animal collection behind, with no money to feed them. These included Harry the camel, some hyenas and several hundred crocodiles.

Harry was very shy when he first arrived and had hardly been handled. We had no experience of camels but we allowed Harry space and time in order to gain his trust. He has become a very sociable lad and loves treats in the form of bread, biscuits or cake.

He is a delightful character. He has since been joined by four more camels who came in for treatment.


May 25th, 2020 - Simon used to give rides on the beach to tourists. He was noted for being "Flashy" and prancing all the time. He carried overweight tourists and was worked very hard and became sick and broken and his sight began to fail. He lost weight and became dispirited and his owner was going to sell him as a cart horse.

It appeared that he was on a down ward spiral. We intervened and purchased him. A kind supporter sponsors him fully and he will spend the rest of his days with us.


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