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Why Sponsor a Donkey

Over the years some animals have inevitably become permanent residents of The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. By sponsoring one of the donkeys in our care, you will not only be allowing your chosen animals to live a comfortable and happy life, but where possible, they can be useful running errands for the charity or providing therapy for the disabled.

How Much Does It Cost?

The sponsorship fee is 3 per month and you will receive a Sponsor Certificate, details of the donkey you decide to sponsor, a picture and updates throughout the year (sent on Valentine’s Day, during the Summer and at Christmas) on the donkey's progress. Subject to minimum 12 months sponsorship.

Sole Animal Sponsorship - If you would like to be a Sole Animal Sponsor, the fee is 40 per month. With this sponsorship choice, the chosen animal will be solely sponsored by yourself and not shared with anyone else. This Sponsorship is available on a “first come, first served” basis, so please contact the GHDT Office to discuss availability.

How Do I Sponsor?

To sponsor a donkey please download the Horse and Donkey Sponsorship Form **in PDF Download the Horse and Donkey Sponsorship form in pdf format

Simply print it off and fill in your details. Don't forget to indicate which animal you would like to sponsor and also whether you would like to receive information and updates about your chosen animal by post or via email. By choosing to receive updates by email you will help us to reduce the amount of paper we are using and you will also help us to keep our administration costs to a minimum, meaning that more money is available for helping the animals in our care.

Please send the completed form back to:

Sponsor Administrator,
Brewery Arms Cottage
Stane Street
01306 627568

Email: GHDT Office

Can I Arrange a Gift Sponsorship?

Yes, if you are sponsoring an animal as a gift for someone else, please indicate this on the Animal Sponsorship Form and ensure that you have given us the recipients full contact details. The cost is 36 per year and the fee must be paid in full before the gift can be issued.

If you have any questions or queries about sponsoring a donkey, please contact:

Sponsor Administrator,
Brewery Arms Cottage
Stane Street
01306 627568

Email: GHDT Office

ONLINE SPONSORING: If you would like to pay online for your sponsor animal by debit or credit card, please download our Horse/Donkey Sponsorship Form **in PDF Download the Dog Sponsorship form in pdf format

Simply print it off and fill in your details. Please use the Red 'Donate' button below to make your payment. You will be redirected to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) website, which is a secure site. Email or post your completed Horse and Donkey Sponsorship Form to the GHDT Office, ensuring that you have indicated you have already paid online.


If you are donating on behalf of someone else, please provide their name, postal details and the occasion e.g. birthday, anniversary etc, so that we can send the appropriate sponsorship certificate.

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Elvis ELVIS - We were called out to a donkey that we thought may have rabies because he was apparently attacking people. He turned out to be a donkey who had come to the end of his fuse when being used and abused by children and he had decided to retaliate.

He was named Elvis by a member of our staff and has redeemed himself at GHDT, but is quick to slip if he is bored or feels unloved and for that reason needs regular work.

He is taken out regularly by our staff to pull a cart in order to give him his exercise and can be a particular handful and needs specialist handling if he is not worked. Elvis has been castrated and has calmed down a little but is still a little unpredictable.


Jan JAN - Unusually we were asked to take back a project donkey named Jan who had become seriously unmanageable. Project donkeys are given to families too poor to buy their own donkey, though they are still owned by GHDT and receive regular welfare checks. We were curious to find out why his behaviour had changed as Jan had been with the family for almost 9 years and had been as good as gold. The family member who cared for Jan was quite severely disabled but could handle him easily and the pair made a wonderful team.

Unfortunately, the carer had recently moved to the capital, leaving poor Jan behind. It seems that due to the stress of losing his friend, Jan had demonstrated his feelings in the only way he knew how and had become quite unmanageable. The powerful emotional bonds that animals form with each other and with their humans are seriously underestimated and this is particularly true with donkeys. Happily, Jan is now back at GHDT and though he was initially a bit of a handful, he is now calm and well behaved. Now that we have realized what a sensitive little chap he is, he will stay with us for the rest of his life. It is touching and humbling to witness such loyalty and devotion from this little chap.


Maurice MAURICE - Maurice was a surprise package to one of our inpatients. He arrived in the middle of the night and gave a bit of a shock to our staff as no one knew Helen (his Mum) was pregnant.

Since then Helen became the property of the GHDT as sadly her owner wasn't able to provide her with the care she needed.

Maurice will spend his youth with the GHDT until he's strong and old enough to work. At that point he will become a project donkey and support a local family who otherwise wouldn't be able to purchase one. He will remain the property of the GHDT.


Grumpy GRUMPY - Grumpy came in for treatment for fistulous withers.

He had been badly abused.

He was very Grumpy but is no longer. He has never been claimed by his owner


Bundung BUNDUNG - Bundung was slashed with a machete across his flank and stifle for trespassing.

No owner ever came forward to claim him.

He is a lovely donkey and very popular with the donkey ball children as he is fast.


Kembo KEMBO - Kembo was found collapsed in the charcoal market by the Animal Advocates.

He was unable to stand he was so weak.

He has made a brilliant recovery and is now used for the donkey ball and for riding for the disabled.

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