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333 CLUB

The 333 Club is our new initiative to fund the opening of a second Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust centre in The Gambia. The new centre will be based closer to the coastal areas, and will benefit urban working animals as well as those in more rural areas. Our existing centre has had fantastic results and has resulted in a great improvement in the welfare of working animals and we feel that it is now time for our work to reach further afield.

In order to open the new centre to the desired standard we need to raise roughly 100,000 and of course this requires some serious fundraising! So, after much deliberation and a long walk with the dogs, Heather devised the idea of the 333 Club. What this means is that we need 333 people (or clubs, groups, organisations) to raise just 333 each to reach our target. 333 is a feasible amount of money for anyone to raise with one or two small scale fundraising events or challenges, so we just need to find 333 people who are willing to accept the challenge!

Members of the 333 Club will be presented with a certificate of membership, will be welcome to visit our new centre when it is opened, and we are working on being able to provide members with other benefits and bonuses, particularly if they visit The Gambia. All members will also have their names (or name of their organisation, school, college, place of work) engraved on a plaque which will be on display at the new centre.

If you are interested in learning more about the 333 Club, or you would simply like to become one of the first members of the 333 Club, please contact Heather Armstrong on 01306 627568 or email the GHDT Office. We can provide you with a fundraising pack to help you with ideas to raise your 333 and we will be extremely happy to help you publicise any event or activity that you do for the 333 Club.

Please help us to make this new venture happen. So much has been achieved in the past ten years - now it is time to look forward to what we can achieve in the next ten years!

For full information please download our information sheet **in PDF or as a zip file Download the Other Ways to Help Form in pdf or zip format and pass it on to other people, groups and organisations.


At the bottom of this announcement you will find a letter. This letter is aimed at veterinary practices and we would like to enlist the help of our supporters to reach as many veterinary practices as possible around the country. We know that people like to be involved, but that, at the moment, money is tight, so we thought this would be a great, cost-free way for people to get involved, whilst being a HUGE help to us.

All we are asking is for you to print off the letter, complete the date and addressee details, and take it into your local veterinary practice. Perhaps if you feel you have a good relationship with your practice you could highlight to them that the cause is one that is close to your heart, to try to encourage them to become involved. When you have delivered the letter to your local vets, please email the GHDT Office to let us know which veterinary practice you have taken the letter to, so that we know that we do not need to post one to them. Postage costs are becoming more and more expensive, and if you as our supporters would be willing to assist us in this way, on a routine trip to your vets, it would be a great help.

Here is the LETTER to download **in PDF or as a zip file Download the Other Ways to Help Form in pdf or zip format

Many hands really can make light work, so please help us if you can - we are extremely grateful. Please don't forget to inform us of the practice that you have taken the letter to, to avoid us duplicating your efforts! Thank you so much.

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